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Planting Instructions

Each purchase will include detailed planting instructions. However, below are general planting instructions. Feel free to contact ShipATree.com customer service at shipatree@gmail.com for further instructions. 

  1. Remove tree and soil mix from plastic container. 
  2. Dig hole twice the width of pot and as deep. 
  3. Place roots, surrounded by potting soil from container, in the middle of hole. The top of potting soil should be slightly above ground level, as the plant will later settle. Be careful to not plant too deep as this will suffocate the root system. 
  4. Ensure the roots are not tightly compressed. Use your fingers or blunt instrument to loosen the potting soil/roots and spread gently to encourage outward growth into the surrounding earth. 
  5. Use soil that was removed while digging to fill hole back, but remember to only fill to top level of soil mix that is around plant.
  6. Water soil, allow it to settler and add more soil if needed. Tamp lightly. (Tamp, for the majority of us who might not know, means to tap the soil with light to medium blows repeatedly.) This will help soil to settle. 
  7. Water plant again. Adding mulch around plant in a 1-2" layer will help retain moisture. If experiencing hot or dry weather it will be important to water plants more frequently, versus the recommended 1-2 times a week to water thoroughly. 


Please review the recommended USDA Zones for your area. A map is uploaded to the FAQ section. It is important to select plants with recommendations for your zone; otherwise, they will not be successful in your landscape due to their inability to grow in those weather conditions. 

Happy Planting!