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Return Policy

shipatree.com Return Policy

When an order is placed with shipatree.com you become part of our community. We want you to be 100% satisfied with your purchase. Every container tree we sell is covered by a conditional one-time replacement guarantee. If your container tree fails to survive the transplant process, shipatree.com will replace it within one year from the date of purchase as long as its condition is reasonably attributed to us. You are responsible for choosing a plant suitable for the climate in which it will be grown and following planting guidelines included with purchase.

The recommended USDA Hardiness Zones are listed in the description of each product and a map is included in the FAQs section. Plants purchased outside the recommended USDA Hardiness Zones are not covered by the replacement policy. In the event of multiple claims or excessive losses, there could be an issue with soil compatibility.

Please remember that you will need to give the container tree an adjustment period after its arrival. Plants need time to become established due to transplant shock and dormancy times. We will be happy to discuss what this might look like for plants if you have concerns.

We advise that you take steps to protect your newly planted trees for the first few years, especially in extremely cold winters or hot summers.  

What does the conditional one year guarantee cover?

Replacement orders do not qualify for any type of discounted shipping, but will cover the full cost of replacing the plant. Shipping prices are determined by our shipping carrier partner, and they must be paid prior to sending the replacement plant. Any shipping paid on original order will not be credited. Replacement plants do not come with a guarantee.  

Shipatree.com takes pride in growing our products and the goal is that when our trees leave the farm they are in ideal condition. We understand that things happen, and your satisfaction is very important to us. Some things we have no control over is damage from animals, extreme weather damage, too much water (you can show them too much love), too little water, improper USDA Hardiness Zone compatibility, insects, poor soil conditions, gardening skills and/or human error. Call us at shipatree.com to discuss any questions you might have concerning proper care of your tree. We want your tree to be a success.

How do I request replacement for my tree?

Please send at least two pictures of damaged tree to shipatree@gmail.com. One picture of the ailing tree with scratch test (instructions are under the FAQs page) and one picture of the ground surrounding the base of the ailing tree.

My tree was damaged during shipping?

If your order is damaged during shipping, shipatree.com would like to speak with you within 48 hours of receiving damaged package. For us to make a claim we will need picture documentation. Please send at least two pictures of the outside of damaged box, and at least two pictures of the damaged plant on the inside of box. Pictures need to be sent to shipatree@gmail.com. Once pictures are received we can then make assessment of the damage, and do everything we can to resolve the issue. Please note that broken branches are cosmetic and should be pruned.